25 Christmas Bedroom Decorating Tips on a Budget

I saw some amazing Christmas bedroom ideas on Tumblr and thought I’d put a post together of all of my favorite ideas. There are a ton of ways to inject the festive spirit into your boudoir. From hanging icicle baubles on your window to making garland trees – you will want to make them all. Most of theses ideas are pretty simple and cheap to recreate so they won’t break the bank either. I’ve also included a few awesome Christmas bedroom decorations from pinterest that you will definitely want to make too.
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
Tutorial Advent Calendar


2. Pinecone Garland

Pinecone Garland
Tutorial Pinecone Garland


3. Snowflake Pillow

Snowflake Pillow
Tutorial Snowflake Pillow


4. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Tutorial Coffee Filter Snowflakes


5. Mini Tree

Mini Tree
Tutorial Mini Tree


6. Ornament Icicles

Ornament Icicles
Tutorial Ornament Icicles


7. Hanging Tree

Hanging Tree
Tutorial Hanging Tree


8. Polaroid Christmas Tree

Polaroid Christmas Tree
Tutorial Polaroid Christmas Tree


9. Deer Pillow

Deer Pillow
Deer Pillow


10. Wrapped Frames

Wrapped Frames
Tutorial Wrapped Frames


11. Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown
Tutorial Holiday Countdown


12. Light Sticks

Light Sticks
Tutorial Light Sticks


13. Ornament Box

Ornament Box
Tutorial Ornament Box


14. Deer Wood Slice

Deer Wood Slice
Tutorial Deer Wood Slice


15. Ornament Vases

Ornament Vases
Tutorial Ornament Vases


16. Garland Christmas Tree

Garland Christmas Tree
Tutorial Garland Christmas Tree


17. Snow Globe

Snow Globe
Tutorial Snow Globe


18. Cozy Art

Cozy Art
Tutorial Cozy Art


19. Sweater Waether Hanger

Sweater Waether Hanger
Tutorial Sweater Waether Hanger


20. Glitter Garland

Glitter Garland
Tutorial Glitter Garland


21. Sweater Candles

Sweater Candles
Tutorial Sweater Candles


22. Walnut Photo Displays

Walnut Photo Displays
Tutorial Walnut Photo Displays


23. Owl Pillow

Owl Pillow
Tutorial Owl Pillow


24. Fox Jewelry Plate

Fox Jewelry Plate
Tutorial Fox Jewelry Plate


25. Twig Pen Holder

Twig Pen Holder
Tutorial Twig Pen Holder


Ornament Vase | Christmas Decor DIY Dollar Store Kids

Greens + Pinecones | Christmas Decor DIY Dollar Store Kids