DIY Baby Shower Gifts for Girls on a Budget – Sock Bouquet

Easter themed sock baskets great for spring showers
Pink and purple themed basket
Baby sock washing line over basket of goodies
Baby socks wrapped in wash cloth
Blanket cake topped with teddy and baby girl socks
Diaper cake with baby sock roses
Great instructions for making sock roses
Mini sock bouquet great for boys or girls
Pink sock roses planted in mini polka dot pots
Pot filled with babys breath and socks
Roses with sock roses wrapped in baby blanket
Sock cupcake stand
Sock cupcake tiered cake with its a girl badge
Sock cupcake tiered cake
Sock flower planted in baby onesie
Sock rosebud bouquet green paper is wrapped tightly around them
Socks rolled into lollipops and placed in gift bag
This is beautiful would be great to give instead of real flowers
Baby girl socks with pacifiers

This is an amazing DIY baby shower gifts for girls on a budget! And seriously, is there anything sweeter than little tiny feet wrapped in the cutest cotton socks? You’ll need about a dozen socks for this tutorial and a few other supplies but you should be done in less than 10 minutes!

View Tutorial DIY Sock Bouquet for Baby Shower
Easter themed sock baskets great for spring showers