DIY Balloon Hot Air Balloon Tutorial

Mini Hot Air Balloon decorations are a lot easier to make than you would think but they make brilliantly eye-catching decorations. The Mini Hot Air Balloons are also suitable for all kinds of events as you can design them to suit occasion. For example, if you want them at a wedding venue then you can design them in white whereas bright and colourful designs would suit an event like a child’s birthday.

A lot of work and worth it


magnetic wristband

More ideas…

hot air ballon ballon decorations blue


hot air ballon ballon decorations pink

magnetic wristband


hot air ballon ballon decorations


purple n pink hot air balloon ballon decor


Bear in a basket


Blue white


buy a giant beach ball hot glue individual balloons around the beach ball one layer at a time




magnetic wristband



Oversized basket


Pastel colored


Pink basket


magnetic wristband

pink blue whiteHot Air Balloon Decorations