DIY Chore Charts for Kids

Popsicle sticks
Chore blackboard
Chore board
CHORE CHART Clipboard with magnets on fridge binder clips to flip when chores are completed
Chore pegs
Chores for dollars
Clean Room Checklist
Clothespin Chore Chart Detail
Kids chores chart with pocket money
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Roommate rotating chore list idea
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I love keeping my kids on task as it means I don’t have to spend the day cleaning up after them and it’s also a great way of teaching them discipline. But by creating your own chore charts in a jar you can keep it fun and get your kids more interested in helping out. All you need is some, wooden craft sticks, a sharpie, washi tape, two small jars and some sticker labels.

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Step by step instructions for chores Make sure everyone is working from YOUR definition of clean