DIY Chore Charts for Kids

I love keeping my kids on task. The more I can get them to do for themselves, the less I have to hound them or clean up behind their never-ending messes. With a toddler and an elementary school kid in the house, I know one system might not work for them both. So I’ve been on the hunt for some inventive ways to keep both girls engaged and motivated to keep our house clean.

Popsicle sticks


magnetic wristband

More ideas…



Chore blackboard

magnetic wristband


Chore board


CHORE CHART Clipboard with magnets on fridge binder clips to flip when chores are completed


Chore pegs


Chores for dollars


Clean Room Checklist


Clothespin Chore Chart Detail


magnetic wristband

Kids chores chart with pocket money


Pinned chores


Roommate rotating chore list idea


Screen bucks


magnetic wristband

Step by step instructions for chores Make sure everyone is working from YOUR definition of clean


Work for hire