25+ DIY Christmas Basket Ideas for Families and Friends

It’s easier than ever to put together holiday gift baskets for friends and family. So you can still give traditional presents like, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, manicure gift sets and cosmetic sets. You could also make your own candies, soaps and lotions. So check out the ideas below, my favorite is the ‘Hot Cocoa Mix – in a Basket’ which can be filled with all the favorite ingredients of your loved ones, things like mini marshmallows, organic cocoa and raw sugar cane.
(tutorial links are below each image)

1. Sundae in a Box

Sundae in a Box
Tutorial Sundae in a Box


2. Snow Day Survival Kit

Snow Day Survival Kit
Tutorial Snow Day Survival Kit


3. Hidden Cash Treat Jar

Hidden Cash Treat Jar
Tutorial Hidden Cash Treat Jar


4. Cookie Kit

Cookie Kit
Tutorial Cookie Kit


5. Box of Sunshine

Box of Sunshine
Tutorial Box of Sunshine


6. Slipper Gift Set

Slipper Gift Set
Tutorial Slipper Gift Set


7. Pink n Purple Spa

Pink n Purple Spa
Tutorial Pink n Purple Spa


8. Gym Gift Basket

Gym Gift Basket
Tutorial Gym Gift Basket


9. Soda Gift Pack

Soda Gift Pack
Tutorial Soda Gift Pack


10. Basket Made of Candy

Basket Made of Candy
Tutorial Basket Made of Candy


11. Crafting Girls Night In

Crafting Girls Night In
Tutorial Crafting Girls Night In


12. Bucket of Goodies

Bucket of Goodies
Tutorial Bucket of Goodies


13. Pretty Stationery

Pretty Stationery
Tutorial Pretty Stationery


14. Teal Inspired

Teal Inspired
Tutorial Teal Inspired


15. Bargain Scoop

Bargain Scoop
Tutorial Bargain Scoop


16. Hair Care Caddy

Hair Care Caddy
Tutorial Hair Care Caddy


17. Theatre to Go

Theatre to Go
Tutorial Theatre to Go


18. Green Beauty Basket

Green Beauty Basket
Tutorial Green Beauty Basket


19. Froyo in a Box

Froyo in a Box
Tutorial Froyo in a Box


20. Candy Bar Bouquet

Candy Bar Bouquet
Tutorial Candy Bar Bouquet


21. Comfy ‘n’ Cozy

Comfy n Cozy
Tutorial Comfy ‘n’ Cozy


22. Cute & Creative

Cute Creative
Tutorial Cute & Creative


23. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix
Tutorial Hot Cocoa Mix


24. Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree Haul
Tutorial Dollar Tree Haul