40 DIY Fall Crafts for Kids to Make

The leaves are changing and it’s time to start thinking about making some beautiful fall crafts! So get the paints out and start collecting some leaves to get your little ones crafting away!
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Crayon Candles

Crayon Candles
Tutorial Crayon Candles


2. Gumball Machine Pumpkin

Gumball Machine Pumpkin
Tutorial Gumball Machine Pumpkin


3. Candy Corn Case

Candy Corn Case
Tutorial Candy Corn Case

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4. Glitter Jar

Glitter Jar
Tutorial Glitter Jar


6. Glitter Leafs

Glitter Leafs
Tutorial Glitter Leafs


7. Beaded Pumpkin

Beaded Pumpkin
Tutorial Beaded Pumpkin


8. Indian Corn Necklace

Indian Corn Necklace
Tutorial Indian Corn Necklace


9. Chestnut Worm

Chestnut Worm
Tutorial Chestnut Worm


10. Twig Pyramids

Twig Pyramids
Tutorial Twig Pyramids


11. Corn on the Cob Baggies

Corn on the Cob Baggies
Tutorial Corn on the Cob Baggies


12. Egg Carton Acorn Ornaments

Egg Carton Acorn Ornaments
Tutorial Egg Carton Acorn Ornaments


13. Walnut Shell Leaf Boat

Walnut Shell Leaf Boat
Tutorial Walnut Shell Leaf Boat


14. Color Wheel Wreath

Color Wheel Wreath
Tutorial Color Wheel Wreath


15. Yarn Wrapped Pinecones

Yarn Wrapped Pinecones
Tutorial Yarn Wrapped Pinecones


16. Woodland Creature Cups

Woodland Creature Cups
Woodland Creature Cups


17. Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Terra Cotta Pumpkins
Tutorial Terra Cotta Pumpkins


18. Fall Snow Globe

Fall Snow Globe
Tutorial Fall Snow Globe


19. Yarn Orbs

Yarn Orbs
Tutorial Yarn Orbs


20. Jack O’Lantern Nightlights

Jack O’Lantern Nightlights
Tutorial Jack O’Lantern Nightlights


21. Paper Plate Boats

Paper Plate Boats
Tutorial Paper Plate Boats


22. Pine Cone Turkeys

Pine Cone Turkeys
Tutorial Pine Cone Turkeys


23. Turkey Pretzel Rod Treat

Turkey Pretzel Rod Treat
Tutorial Turkey Pretzel Rod Treat


24. Free Bible Printables

Free Bible Printables
Tutorial Free Bible Printables


25. Turkey Glove Puppet

Turkey Glove Puppet
Tutorial Turkey Glove Puppet


26. Pumpkin Stamp Art

Pumpkin Stamp Art
Tutorial Pumpkin Stamp Art


27. Turkey Napkin Ring Holder

Turkey Napkin Ring Holder
Tutorial Turkey Napkin Ring Holder


28. Talkin Turkey Favors

Talkin Turkey Favors
Tutorial Talkin Turkey Favors


29. Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wine Cork Pumpkin
Tutorial Wine Cork Pumpkin


30. Seaside Inspired Pumpkin

Seaside Inspired Pumpkin
Tutorial Seaside Inspired Pumpkin


31. Autumnal Backpack Charm

Autumnal Backpack Charm
Tutorial Autumnal Backpack Charm


32. Chocolate Pretzel Scarecrows

Chocolate Pretzel Scarecrows
Tutorial Chocolate Pretzel Scarecrows


33. Bottle Cap Pins

Bottle Cap Pins
Tutorial Bottle Cap Pins


34. Jack O Lantern Garland

Jack O Lantern Garland
Tutorial Jack O Lantern Garland


35. Leaf Puppets

Leaf Puppets
Tutorial Leaf Puppets


36. Fall Collage

Fall Collage
Tutorial Fall Collage


37. Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Popsicle Stick Bracelets
Tutorial Popsicle Stick Bracelets


38. Cornshack Headdress

Cornshack Headdress
Tutorial Cornshack Headdress