24 Super Easy DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas

From ‘birdhouse organizers’ and ‘hangit photo displays’ to ‘floral garlands’ to ‘paper dot garlands’ your room will be the envy of all your friends. So get your crafting kit out and get your room ready for spring with these awesome decor ideas!
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Paper Flower Garland

Paper Flower Garland
Tutorial Paper Flower Garland

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2. Cherry Blossom Candles

Cherry Blossom Candles
Tutorial Cherry Blossom Candles


3. Cherry Blossom Wall Clock

Cherry Blossom Wall Clock
Tutorial Cherry Blossom Wall Clock

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4. Fallen Petals Coasters

Fallen Petals Coasters
Tutorial Fallen Petals Coasters


5. Flower Pots Pendant Lamp

Flower Pots Pendant Lamp
Tutorial Flower Pots Pendant Lamp


6. Mineral Stones Bookends

Mineral Stones Bookends
Tutorial Mineral Stones Bookends


7. Painted Tree Trunks

Painted Tree Trunks
Tutorial Painted Tree Trunks


8. Yarn Orbs

Yarn Orbs
Tutorial Yarn Orbs


9. Pastel Mason Jar Storage

Pastel Mason Jar Storage
Tutorial Pastel Mason Jar Storage


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10. Dandelion Lampshade

Dandelion LampshadeTutorial Dandelion Lampshade


11. Stencilled Storage Box

Stencilled Storage Box
Tutorial Stencilled Storage Box


12. Birdhouse Organizer

Birdhouse Organizer
Tutorial Birdhouse Organizer


13. Silk Tulips

Silk Tulips
Tutorial Silk Tulips


magnetic wristband

14. Spring Branches

Spring Branches
Tutorial Spring Branches


15. Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies
Tutorial Paper Butterflies


16. Tassel Wall Hanging

Tassel Wall Hanging
Tutorial Tassel Wall Hanging


17. Floating Triangles

Floating Triangles
Tutorial Floating Triangles


18. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer
Tutorial Jewelry Organizer


19. Floral Display

Floral Display
Tutorial Floral Display


20. Water Color Pillows

Water Color Pillows
Tutorial Water Color Pillows


21. Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs
Tutorial Hanging Signs


22. Gold Hardware Frame

Gold Hardware Frame
Tutorial Gold Hardware Frame


23. Decorated Pots

Decorated Pots
Tutorial Decorated Pots


24. Beaded Mason Jars

Beaded Mason Jars
Tutorial Beaded Mason Jars