24 Super Easy DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas

Get your room looking spring fresh with these awesome decorating ideas! From ‘Flower Pots Pendant Lamp’ to ‘Mineral Stones Bookends’ your room will be chirping like a bird.

Flower Pots Pendant Lamp

Flower Pots Pendant Lamp | DIY Spring Decorating Ideas for the Home Decorate for spring with this whimsical light ! You’ll need 3 small flowerpots , white acrylic paint, a ruler, fairy lights and faux leaves. Divide your lights between the three pots, add leaves and hang in a space you love.
View Tutorial Flower Pots Pendant Lamp


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Cherry Blossom Wall Clock

Cherry Blossom Wall Clock | Creative Ways to Decorate your Bedroom Spring bedroom decorating ideas don’t come much prettier than cherry blossom decor! You will need a canvas , cheap clock, cotton swabs, hair tie and, pink, brown and green acrylic paint. Bunch 7 cotton buds together and use this to make your blossom pattern. Take the mechanism of a cheap clock and insert onto canvas – voila!
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Paper Flower Garland

Paper Flower Garland | Easy Spring Room Decor DIY Projects This garland also works great for spring party decorating ideas ! You will need green, pink and white paper. Make circles and fold into little triangular shapes – then stich together! It looks so pretty when finished!. View Tutorial Paper Flower Garland


Mineral Stones Bookends

Mineral Stones Bookends | DIY Spring Decor Ideas Dollar Stores Based on the mineral Rhodochrosite – these bookends are one of a kind and so perfect for spring room décor. Gather some stones from your back yard, give it a claen and paint with silver acrylic, pink nail polish and finish with gold. View Tutorial Mineral Stones Bookends


Cherry Blossom Candles

Cherry Blossom Candles | Easy Spring Room Decor DIY ProjectsAdd some ambience to your room with these soothing candles. Use cotton buds and green and pink acrylic paint to create the pattern. View Tutorial Cherry Blossom Candles


Fallen Petals Coasters

Fallen Petals Coasters | Cute Spring Room Decor Bedrooms Small SpacEsA super easy and super cute project – these coasters could even be given as gifts! You’ll need a photo frame, green, white and pink paper and a hole punch. View Tutorial Fallen Petals Coasters

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