32 DIY Valentines Crafts for Boyfriend

From ‘open when envelopes’ to ‘heart string nail art’ check out these awesome awesome tutorials for the best Valentines crafts ever – we’ve also added some gifts you can buy online, that are budget friendly and super cool!

1. 5 Senses

5 Senses
Tutorial 5 Senses

Pine Cones


2. 52 Reasons I love You

52 Reasons I love You
Tutorial 52 Reasons I love You


Christmas LED Fairy House

3. Scrabble Letters

Scrabble Letters
Tutorial Scrabble Letters


drawer storage bins

4. Care Package

Care Package
Tutorial Care Package


5. Handmade Scrapbook

Handmade Scrapbook
Tutorial Handmade Scrapbook


6. Heart Bowl

Heart Bowl
Tutorial Heart Bowl


tension rod advert

7. Heart String Nail Art

Heart String Nail Art
Tutorial Heart String Nail Art


8. Jar of Kisses

Jar of Kisses
Tutorial Jar of Kissesl


9. Bear Hug

Bear Hug
Tutorial Bear Hug


magnetic wristband 50 1

10. I’m Donuts Over You

I’m Donuts Over You
Tutorial I’m Donuts Over You


11. Mini Balloon Valentines

Mini Balloon Valentines
Tutorial Mini Balloon Valentines


12. Chocolate Heart

Tutorial Chocolate Heart


13. Love Heart Favor Jars

Tutorial Love Heart Favor Jars


14. Love Bug Pins

Tutorial Love Bug Pins


15. You’re the Bomb

Tutorial You’re the Bomb


16. Mini Chocolate Mail Box

Tutorial Mini Chocolate Mail Box


17. Personalized Hamper

Tutorial Personalized Hamper


18. Magnetic Wristbands

Buy on Amazon Magnetic Wristbands


19. Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2

Buy on Amazon Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2


20. Beard Catcher Kit

Buy on Amazon Beard Catcher Kit


21. Chocolate Heart Magnets

Chocolate Heart Magnets
Tutorial Chocolate Heart Magnets


22. Blade Buddy

Buy on Amazon Blade Buddy


23. Cupid’s Donut Arrows

Tutorial Cupid’s Donut Arrows


24. Lighted Grill Tools

Buy on Amazon Lighted Grill Tools


25. Luggage Hanging Travel Shelves

Buy on Amazon Luggage Hanging Travel Shelves


26. Wireless Photo & Video Printer

Buy on Amazon Wireless Photo & Video Printer


27. Collar Perfect

Buy on Amazon Collar Perfect


28. eTape Digital Tape Measure

Buy on Amazon eTape Digital Tape Measure


29. Valentine Crackers

Tutorial Valentine Crackers


30. Bow Tie

Tutorial Bow Tie


31. Key Finder

Buy on Amazon Key Finder
Crayon Hearts


32. Blow Me Away

Tutorial Blow Me Away


33. Protein Shaker

Buy on Amazon Protein Shaker


34. Box of Love

Tutorial Box of Love


35. Whiskey Ice Rock Stones

Buy on Amazon Whiskey Ice Rock Stones


36. Chocolate Heart Arrow

Tutorial Chocolate Heart Arrow


37. Couch Coaster

Buy on Amazon Couch Coaster


38. Surprise Egg

Tutorial Surprise Egg


39. Donut Break My Heart

Tutorial Donut Break My Heart


40. Hearty Coasters

Tutorial Hearty Coasters


41. Melted Crayon Art

Tutorial Melted Crayon Art


42. Movie Night Hamper

Tutorial Movie Night Hamper


43. My World

Tutorial My World


44. Smooth as Scotch

Tutorial Smooth as Scotch