17 Purple and Black Halloween Decorations for the House

Purple and black are the perfect color combos for Halloween. What’s more – who doesn’t love purple?! From glamorous wreaths to pretty pumpkins there are some great ideas here.
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Boo Night Lights

Boo Night Lights
Tutorial Boo Night Lights


2. Boo Sign

Boo Sign
Tutorial Boo Sign


3. Halloween Baubles

Halloween Baubles
Tutorial Halloween Baubles

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4. Eek Marquee Letters

Eek Marquee Letters
Tutorial Eek Marquee Letters


5. Glamorous Owl Wreath

Glamorous Owl Wreath
Tutorial Glamorous Owl Wreath


6. Googly Eye Candy Wreat

Googly Eye Candy Wreath
Tutorial Googly Eye Candy Wreat


7. Skull Vase

Skull Vase
Tutorial Skull Vase


8. Free Printable Bats Garland

Free Printable Bats Garland
Tutorial Free Printable Bats Garland


9. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins
Tutorial Glow in the Dark Pumpkins


10. Scary Lantern

Scary Lantern
Tutorial Scary Lantern


11. Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Yarn Wrapped Wreath
Tutorial Yarn Wrapped Wreath


12. Enchanting Lanterns

Enchanting Lanterns
Tutorial Enchanting Lanterns


13. Día de Muertos Luminaries

Día de Muertos Luminaries
Tutorial Día de Muertos Luminaries


14. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
Tutorial Gallery Wall


15. Plant Pot Spiders

Plant Pot Spiders
Tutorial Plant Pot Spiders


16. Light Shade Ghosts

Light Shade Ghosts
Tutorial Light Shade Ghosts


17. Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Tutorial Paper Lanterns