Sidewalk Chalk Games for Summer

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by a cartoon character named Simon who would use his imagination to climb into his Land of Chalk Drawings. Whatever he drew, be it a rocket ship, a zoo, a herd of dinosaurs, or a soccer game, Simon would find himself on great adventures in amongst his creations.

Fun sidewalk chalk game was a total kick for the kids


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Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Twirl touch your toes stomp and roar bark like dog meow like a cat smile and laugh

Summer Fun

tension rods advert

a fun way to get the little ones active this spring and summer

Follow the line chalk activity maze

Fun outside game for kids All you need is chalk and sponges

Great alternative to hopscotch

Hopscotch for kids

pirate Hopscotch maze

Shape maze

Side Walk Color Jump This was lots of fun And lots of kids at our park joined in the fun too

sidewalk games