Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget – Wall Magnets

Magnetic Chalk Board from Ikea and a pack of sticky magnets and I made my own magnetic makeup board with brush holders
A creative way to display magnets which we collected from our travels without ruining the fridge
Bobby pins on a magnetic strip in a drawer
Magnet Display
magnet strip garage storage
Magnet tape to hold hair clips bobby pins bathroom organization storage
magnetic make up board tray
magnetic make up board
Magnetic picture holder Love This since we use the fridge for our random pictures
My DIY magnet board I made to display my magnet collection from my travels
Travel magnets from around the world

Using wall magnets is a total game changer when you need small apartment decorating ideas on a budget. In the image below you can see how they store all the sons toy cars easily but you can also do the same with your makeup, hair accessories, travel magnets etc the list is endless!The project only cost a few bucks to make and only requires basic DIY skills.

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Magnet your walls for your kids toy cars