17 Snapchat Halloween Costume Ideas for Teen Girls

Whether you are going to a fancy dress birthday or thinking forward to Halloween – there’s no denying the power of the Snapchat filter. Get the coolest eye make-up around by trying out these Snapchat looks for your party.
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Cute Crying Filter

Cute Crying Filter
Tutorial Cute Crying Filter

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2. Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny
Tutorial Fluffy Bunny

magnetic wristband


3. Glittery Glam Lion

Glittery Glam Lion
Tutorial Glittery Glam Lion


4. Eyeballs

Tutorial Eyeballs


5. Large Eye Squishy Face

Large Eye Squishy Face
Tutorial Large Eye Squishy Face


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6. Eyebrows On Sleek

Eyebrows On Sleek
Tutorial Eyebrows On Sleek


7. Jeweled Snapchat Filter

Jeweled Snapchat Filter
Tutorial Jeweled Snapchat Filter

magnetic wristband


8. Popart

Tutorial Popart


9. Possessed Bunny

Possessed Bunny
Tutorial Possessed Bunny


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10. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition
Tutorial Facial Recognition


11. Watercolour Pop Art

Watercolour Pop Art
Tutorial Watercolour Pop Art


12. Monster Filter

Monster Filter
Tutorial Monster Filter


13. Hearts

Tutorial Hearts


14. Rainbow Face

Rainbow Face
Tutorial Rainbow Face


magnetic wristband

15. Hipster Panda

Hipster Panda
Tutorial Hipster Panda


16. Puppy Dog Filter

Puppy Dog Filter
Tutorial Puppy Dog Filter


17. Strawberry Eye Makeup

Strawberry Eye Makeup
Tutorial Strawberry Eye Makeup