St Patricks Day Cocktail Recipes for a Crowd

From the streets of Dublin to the backstreets of Shanghai St Patricks Day is a festival celebrated worldwide by party people who love to down the black stuff aka Guinness! But it’s not just Guinness they’ll be drinking. Green beer, Irish Flags, B-52s and a whole host of Irish themed cocktails will be firmly on the menu. St Patricks Day Cocktails are usually very strong, very green and will get a party started quicker than you can say “leprechaun”. So if it’s boozy cocktails and alcoholic green milkshakes your after, you’ve come to the right place.

Drunken gummy bears these were soaked in Smirnoff Whipped Vodka for days The bears will get bigger and softer as they soak up the vodka


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More ideas…

tokyo iced tea


Trip to Liquor Land

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Butternut rum lifesaver


Drunken Apples with Crown Royal Apple liquor


Its my Jello Pot of GOLD Happy St Patties day everyone Yes it full of jello shots and ice


also called a junebug






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Blue Banger Cocktail


Blue Devil


Blue marlin


blue shoe


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Kryptonite Screwdriver


liquid mary jane


looks amazing the name is so naughty


Midnight Blue Margarita


Not a drinker but sounds delicious


nuclear rainbow


Piña Colada Jello Shooters


shark tank


tiffany blue sparkler


Tiny Smurf


totuga gorda


tropical depression


walk me down


I love blue drinks lol